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Membership Benefits

All persons interested in plant systematics are encouraged to support the American Society of Plant Taxonomists by joining the Society. Please consider these direct and indirect benefits available to you as a member of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists.  
  • ASPT publications: Systematic Botany and Systematic Botany Monographs

    Not only does your membership gain you online access to Systematic Botany, but your membership fees help support these premier journals, providing you with an avenue to publish your work without page charges, while also helping you stay informed with current research.

  • Sponsoring the annual Botany meetings

    ASPT allows you to register for the annual Botany meetings at a reduced rate. ASPT sponsors colloquia, symposia, and other talks that are of interest to you.  These meetings are where the plant systematics community comes together to share ideas and collaborate, all of which advances our science as a whole.

  • ASPT awards

    The ASPT provides awards for its members at all stages of their career.  Awards include: the George R. Cooley Award, Innovations in Plant Systematics Education Prize (IPSEP), Undergraduate Research Prize (URP), Peter Raven Award, Asa Gray Award, and Grady L. Webster Award.  

  • Student support

    ASPT sponsors multiple graduate research grants each year to its graduate student members, as well as student travel grants that help reduce the costs of attending meetings.

  • ASPT gives you a voice within the plant systematics community 

    Whether it is through posting on ASPT's web page, publication in our two journals or the newsletter, presentations at the annual Botany meetings, or by sponsoring your own symposia and colloquia, the ASPT is always eager to give you a voice that can be heard throughout our community. 

  • ASPT web site

    The ASPT website keeps you informed with current news, such as upcoming meetings, and career resources, including: employment, internship, and award opportunities. 
  • A sense of community

    The ASPT has been connecting and building your community for 80 years.  We are particularly welcoming to student members and encourage them to become engaged in our community.

  • Advocacy and promotion of plant systematics 

    ASPT promotes and advocates for the science of plant taxonomy and systematics worldwide.  We have a committee dedicated to environmental and public policy and we stand with other organizations for the advancement of science and science education (e.g., Botanical Society of America). 

  • Integrity of herbarium collections

    ASPT ensures the importance of herbarium collections through advocacy and programs like the Herbarium Emergency Fund.
Did you know that for every one dollar a student spend on membership last year, they received back anywhere from $4.50 (through subsidized membership and conference rates) to $47.83 (through travel grants and research awards).  For only $30, an ASPT membership is a great investment in your future!
The ASPT is the fertile ground that careers have grown out of over the past 80 years, but this ground is only as rich as its membership. The ASPT provides opportunities to advance your career at all levels, beginning with undergraduate support and continuing throughout your professional career. We provide the standards in which your directors, supervisors, PIs, departmental chairs, and deans evaluate you, whether they are through publications, presentations at the annual meetings, grants that you received, or recognition awards.
The ASPT is a relatively small society, yet it has an enormous impact on the field of plant systematics.  The impact that it makes is directly dependent on your membership, participation, advocacy, and research. We not only encourage you to renew your membership this year, but to also become more engaged in your society by considering a more active role in one of our committees.
We invite you to join us!
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